Where To Eat: Are There Restaurants Open in London?

As of January 6th of 2021, London entered its third national lockdown. And all establishments, especially those in the food industry are hoping that it will be the last one. 

You might remember that London underwent its 2nd lockdown last November and then went back to the tiered system in December 2020. But due to the public health crisis, the UK government had to make decisions and had to put the country on lockdown. Again. 

But of course, us, Londoners, one way to ease anxiety caused by the pandemic, is to eat our stress away. And London, being famous for its plethora of best restaurants to choose from, you must be wondering which ones are open. Well, you are about to find out.

Are There Any Restaurants Open in London Now?

All non-essentials – pubs, bars, and restaurants in London (and across most of the UK) should be closed as per the English Government Guidance

However, there are a few exceptions so you can still order your favourite food from your favourite restaurant! 

So according to the list of exemptions found in the guidance on closing certain businesses and venues in England, while restaurants can’t cater for dine-in customers, they can offer food and non-alcoholic drinks only on a takeaway basis between 5 am and 11 pm. This means that you can enter the premises to place and collect your order. 

You can also opt for click-and-collect wherein your goods are pre-ordered by phone, online, via a mobile app or post, and collected without entering the premises. Getting your food and non-alcoholic drinks via drive-thru is permitted as well. 

For all food, including alcoholic beverages, those restaurants open in London can serve these via delivery. However, restaurants offering delivery services must not include alcoholic drinks if their licence does not already permit.

a photo of crowded people in a restaurant in London

When Will Restaurants In London Can Reopen?

There is no exact date yet for the normal reopening of restaurants in London. While March 2021 is the current timeframe of the UK government, that could still change depending on the coronavirus situation. 

The idea is that lockdown will halt the spread of the virus so establishments can reopen soon. But, the unknown is whether or not it will be enough to actually stop the virus from spreading and limit the number of cases infected with covid-19. If London returns to tier four, restaurants will remain closed.

The public health, social, and economic situation in London is in a tough spot. And while there are no assurances on when the crisis might ease, restaurants in London are surely surviving and adapting. 

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