Where To Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe

We all know that Europe will always be an incredible place to spend the holidays. And with all that has happened this year, why not start the new year with a bang? 

After all, the way you start your year will set the tone for the rest of your year. So here’s a list of the best places in Europe to spend New Year’s Eve.

Paris, France

Paris has the widest range of New Year’s Eve parties, and the locals surely know how to celebrate in style. But to ensure a memorable and romantic New Year’s Eve, have a gourmet dinner cruise along the Seine River and float past the city’s famed monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. 

It’s the perfect place to wait for the clock to strike at 12 and kiss your loved one, paired with magical fireworks in the sky. Oh, what a romantic way to start the year! 

Reykjavik, Iceland

New Year’s Eve celebrations at the capital city of Iceland might not be as flashy and sophisticated as those in Europe’s major capitals. But you will certainly have an authentic and fascinating experience here. 

Sadly, there won’t be community bonfires in Reykjavik to burn away all your troubles this New Year’s Eve. There is, however, another interesting tradition, where the whole nation watches a satirical TV show called Áramótaskaup. 

After the show, backyard firework displays provided by the people of Reykjavik tend to start up and the whole Icelandic nation goes wild. When the clock strikes 12, the star-soaked sky explodes with hundreds of amazing firework displays, lighting up the entire city. 

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, as regarded by many as an enchanting place to explore, comes even more alive as the locals welcome the New Year. Thousands of people from across Europe and the rest of the world flock to the Golden City to watch the fireworks light up the famous Charles Bridge.

A picture of landscape view of new year's evening in london

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, fireworks display at Prague has been cancelled. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t have an amazing New Year’s Eve at the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic.

You can still hop aboard the Grand Bohemia boat and enjoy a one-of-a-kind evening cruise along the Vltava River and be mesmerized by the spectacular views of Prague. 

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the world’s famous New Year’s Eve travel destination because of its fascinating traditions and street parades. Scotland’s capital is popular for its three-day Hogmanay festival which will start on the 29th of December and end on the 31st of December.

With its Viking-style torchlight parade along the Royal Mile, concert in the gardens, and midnight fireworks set against the Edinburgh Castle, New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh is widely regarded as one of the best celebrations in the world. 

Barcelona, Spain

The revelry doesn’t really start gearing up until about 11 PM in Barcelona. So if you’re a night owl, then Barcelona is where you should be this New Years’ Eve. 

Both locals and tourists gather at Plaça d’Espanya to watch the midnight pyrotechnics on Montjuïc, the hill just above. From there, you’ll witness their interesting traditions, such as 12 Grapes at Midnight where the locals eat a grape for each chime at midnight to bring luck in the New Year. 

Another strange tradition takes place at Plaça de Catalunya, in the city centre. Once the New Year starts, the crowd will joyfully start throwing their Cava bottles into the middle of the square. It might sound frightening, but it’s surely an experience you won’t forget. 

Bologna, Italy

Italy’s New Year’s Eve festivities take place in one of the city’s main squares, Piazza Maggiore. But it’s not fireworks you’ll see at midnight. Rather, one of the oldest New Year’s Eve traditions – the Vecchione bonfire. 

It’s a tradition where Italians burn the Vecchione, a large giant puppet, specifically made to light on fire at midnight. The burning symbolizes shedding the old year and starting afresh.

So if you think you had a tough year and want to cleanse yourself of 2020, head to Bologna, Italy and start your new year there! 

London, England

Of course, the list won’t be complete without mentioning London. England’s capital is famous for its ritzy events and spectacular pyrotechnics along the Thames.

As for the best locations to watch the amazing New Year’s Eve fireworks, there are plenty of areas where you can enjoy it for free. While the Tower Bridge had announced its temporary closure, you can still watch the city erupt with fancy fireworks in Parliament Hill and Primrose Hill as Big Ben strikes midnight. 

From magnificent burlesque performances to dress-to-impress black-tie dinner parties, there’s nothing you can’t find in the capital. The only recommendation would be to make sure you book your tickets well in advance.

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