Meet and Greet at Heathrow Airport

Travelling is what most people enjoy. However, this is not the case for everyone. From making sure your paperwork and travel documents are in order, to coordinating connecting flights and navigating customs, most of the time, flying can be stressful.

The solution? A Meet and Greet service. But how does it work?

Here’s everything you need to know about Meet and Greet at Heathrow Airport so you’ll have an idea of how it works.

What is a Meet and Greet Service?

Meet and Greets are getting popular nowadays. It’s an excellent alternative to the hassle of hunting down shuttles and taxis, and the frustrating arrival process, such as check-ins, immigration, and security. 

However, meet and greet service providers will often have different packages from one another and it will vary from place to place. Some meet-and-greeters will be ready and waiting from the moment you step off the plane and will assist you throughout the entire arrivals process, while others will simply collect you from the arrivals area and whisk you away to wherever destination you need to be.

It’s always best to double-check with the provider what services you should expect so you won’t get disappointed afterwards.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, meet and greet services will vary from place to place, but these are the things you should look out for to ensure transit is as seamless as possible. 

VIP Airport Assistance

The idea of VIP airport assistance services is that travellers should spend less time in never-ending queues, and should have more time relaxing before or after their trip.

Your meet-and-greeter will assist you through security clearing, passport control and luggage check-in. Sometimes, some providers will also assist you in dealing with customs and immigration formalities, but most of the time, not all meet and greet companies will help you with these. So make sure to double-check what is included with the package from your provider.

Luggage Assistance

One of the best things of booking a VIP Meet and Greet service is that it allows you to travel without lugging around heavy bags.

Professional Chauffeurs

The most frustrating part of the travel experience is waiting for a cab so you can get to and from the airport. With meet and greet services, you will have a professional chauffeur to avoid the hassle of hunting down taxis or shuttles. Not just that, you also get to enjoy your journey as you find yourself in a comfortable luxury car, while your professional chauffeur gets you to your desired destination.

Heathrow Airport Sign board in Highway

Why Choose My London Chauffeurs?

With My London Chauffeurs, we pride ourselves in providing our clients comfortable and seamless VIP Meet and Greet experience.

Imagine having a personal greeter waiting for you at the Heathrow airport to assist you throughout, and a professional chauffeur to drive you safely to your final destination after a long and tiring trip. What a fancy London experience!

Here’s a preview of the first-class service you’ll get if you decide to book with us:


1. On arrival, our experienced personal greeter will welcome you at the aeroplane door with a personalised name board and will escort you through a fast track desk and assist you with the immigration procedures, passport control, and customs.

2. We will then assist you at the baggage belt to identify and retrieve your luggage alongside a dedicated porter to have your luggage collected.

3. Once the luggage is retrieved, we will escort you out of the airport building and on to the Chauffeur driven car, ready for transfer to your final destination.


1. Our professional chauffeur will meet you at any UK address so you can begin your trip in a relaxing and stress-free journey.

2. On arrival at the airport, our representative will then escort you to the check-in counter. We will also arrange a porter to assist and carry your luggage to the check-in desk.

3. We will then assist you with processing your baggage and pass it to the airline.

4. When it is time, our representative will escort you through the security and then to the aircraft.

At this point, we will leave you in the safe hands of the airline.

Contact us today for a quotation, or get an instant quote to see if we can make your arrival and departure as comfortable, seamless, and luxurious as possible.

A Luxury Chauffeur Car Company – Reliably on time, every time. 

My London Chauffeurs is a well-established company which has been providing luxury cars and chauffeurs for many years. Our drivers are very well trained and have expert knowledge of the London area. You can hire our services for longer periods or even for your whole stay in the UK. We offer a premium service which is flexible, reliable, and discreet, and our representatives speak many different languages to ensure that each client is comfortable with their service.