UK Lockdown: Latest Updates

A photo of two hands wearing gloves while holding a globe with a written note that says "covid 19 @ UK"

A new virus strain is on the loose, and it is reported to be more dangerous than the first one. While the UK is making sure that guidelines are met when it comes to fighting the virus and lowering its damage, they also need to keep up and adjust to the new changes of this […]

Where To Eat: Are There Restaurants Open in London?

A photo of a kitchen of a restaurant in London

As of January 6th of 2021, London entered its third national lockdown. And all establishments, especially those in the food industry are hoping that it will be the last one.  You might remember that London underwent its 2nd lockdown last November and then went back to the tiered system in December 2020. But due to […]

London Chauffeur Transfer

London Chauffeur Transfer 1

All our chauffeur cars are latest models, and are equipped with GPS Navigation and tracking system. We have the capability of monitoring all our cars in real time, thanks to the state of the art tracking system installed in all our cars. That allows us to provide you a professional and on time service.